Clip of My Wife on Hedgecock Show

For an audio clip of a 9/10/97 interview by Roger Hedgecock of my wife, Helen Duringer, when his show was on location at McP’s in Coronado, click here.

Helen learned to parachute and to assemble, fire, disassemble and clean the AK-47 when she attended high school in Ukraine.  The interview took place in 1997, only a couple years after she came to this country.  She did well making her point, that the feminist push for women in the military manifests itself primarily in socialist countries.  (Capitalism, on the other hand, requires strong families.)  Not that women shouldn’t shoot–that’s a separate issue.  Since then she’s taken a number of classes with me at Front Sight, where I’m a Bronze member [update: now we are all Diamonds].  Here we are at our first Front Sight class in 2000:

front sight lenchik davik


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