Dangerous Fools Collect Guns (Illegal Guns), No Questions Asked

Link: The Cathoic Review: Parishes respond to violence with gun collection, prayer vigil :

The Sandtown-Winchester parish will be giving $50 rewards for each workable gun turned in between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. May 26 – with no questions asked….
What struck the pastor most during the gun collection in the 1990s was that a large portion of the artillery was turned in by mothers who confiscated firearms from their children.

Ahem, that means they were illegal guns, folks–and keep in mind what is usually meant by "children" in gungrabber parlance…gangbangers.  (My gosh, are they really turning in "artillery"?)

Time for a little word association for the search engines: spoliation of kids…spoliation of evidence…destruction of evidence…organized crime…importation of organized crime…illegal immigration…blue helicopter thinking…US Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church…

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