Low Light Training at Front Sight

Still new at mobile blogging…will try to do better on photos tonight…we will have professional fireworks here before just about everyone…after class ends at 115am…last night marked my first training at Front Sight in over a year and my daughter’s first ever…she loves the childrens achievement camp…rope, rappelll, 22 rifle, astronomy (so many stars here), rock climbing, condition yellow mindset, etc..already has made a friend from san diego, another girl whose family also has membership at escondido fish n game assn…they can practice on their .22s together.
…classes held at nighttime because of intense july heat, good oppty for important low light training.
…even have my wife open carrying…around hotel, supermarket, etc…russian babushka probably thinks we are nuts…nye county is real america and it’ s refreshing…open carry may be impeached on tactics but of course there are various retention designs and with permit you can have concealed backup and the educational value of open carry is at least as great as either the stigma attached to an honourable implement of freedom due to its forced concealment, or the inconvenience and discomfort of carrying it concealed whereever weather does not stay exactly the same all day.
…very pleased that saddle west hotel new owners ditched rule against guns in unit…my car was broken into last time I suspect because of that rule.Low Light Training at Front Sight

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