Fair and Balanced: NY Times Explains How to Stop Suicide Bombers without Hugs or Guns

(But using a gun obviates the need for close contact with a bomber.)

Preventing Suicide Bombing – New York Times.

Not surprisingly, homeland security experts are still looking for other neutralization techniques, ones that don’t involve hugging. And here there is another divide in the field. The association of police chiefs recommended this year that police on the scene simply shoot suspected bombers in the head – “specifically, at the tip of the nose when facing the bomber . . .or about one inch below the base of the skull from behind.” The London officers who two weeks after the July bombings killed an innocent Brazilian man whom they suspected of being a suicide bomber were operating on similar instructions, a shoot-to-kill policy known as Operation Kratos. There are other techniques to disarm a bomber, though, that don’t involve guns.

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