Navy Jacks Flying in Ladera Ranch

First navy jack More and more houses in Ladera Ranch (well, at least on my street) are now flying the First Navy Jack, a flag from the Revolutionary War, popular with the current tea party movement and featured prominently by the newly influential Tenth Amendment Center.

I started flying mine a few months ago, not realizing others were having the same idea.  I took mine to a tea party on April 15 and was surprised to see several others there.  I then purchased quite a few to give out to my CCW students (, including my neighbor two doors down who is retired Navy (Annapolis grad) and flying it proudly.  Another neighbor on my street has paid for a seat in the class and will be flying the flag soon.  (She is Neighborhood Rep and is running to be on the board of directors for LARCS.) A fourth Navy Jack will soon be flying by a neighbor on the other side of our little street, who it turns out runs one of the main blogs on Friedrich Hayek.

Finally, I just received a call from someone that wants me to hold one of my mobile CCW classes in another part of Ladera Ranch, for ten students–that will be another ten Navy Jacks and we are just getting started.

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