How About an Apology from UCI?

So the UCI student with the airsoft rifle has apologized to fellow students: New University » Letter to the Editor (probably under compulsion).

The student should, if anything, be treated as a hero for practicing skills he may use defending his country or family or neighbor.

In America, there isn't anything wrong with what he did.  Not too long ago, students in California routinely walked to school with rifles they shot at high school rifle ranges.  REAL rifles.

I would like to see an apology from UCI for (1) mistakenly detaining an innocent student, (2) overreacting to a perfectly legal airsoft toy gun, (3) instilling fear by creating a dangerous "Victim Disarmament Zone" free of legally-owned guns, and (4) through that fear, encouraging anti-gun bigotry and intolerance.

The student deserves some blame perhaps.  There is nothing wrong with what he did in America, but UCI is not America.  And you have to be extra careful around small children, which is what UCI produces in large supply.

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