UPDATE: had a good time at the fundraiser.  Bill Hunt basically endorsed personal protection as "good cause."  When asked by me individually and by another before the full audience, he quite clearly indicated he favored broad issuance, excepting only those in prohibited categories who cannot have a gun anyway.

Sheriff Mack gave a great speech on America's sheriffs being the last (bloodless) defense against growth of the federal leviathan.  He also gave a nice plug to Front Sight, mentioning he trained there with family.


fundraiser today with sheriff mack appearing in support of bill hunt 3pm to 6pm old world huntington beach bring checkbook hopefully candidate will be clear on ccw issue both at this meeting and on the campaig trail.

2 responses to “

  1. “Basically endorsed”, or “actually endorsed”? I like Bill, but unless he puts his “personal protection” statement in writing (such as on his website) it doesn’t mean much.

  2. Should have added:
    If Bill Hunt puts “personal protection” as acceptable good cause in writing on campaign material, he gets my vote – automatically and irrevocably.

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