Dialing 911-1911

Dialing 911-1911.

The images you see at left and below are taken from the blog of a gentleman I met on February 20, 2009, in the parking lot outside my office. The circumstances of our meeting are largely captured by the 911 recording (via Bluetooth EARPIECE!) you can hear by turning up your speakers and refreshing this page. I made the call to 911 as I approached to help someone I thought was having a seizure. I did not realize the whole building was in lockdown due to this upstairs university student. You can hear him admitting insanity, then (abruptly rising to his feet) shouting "IF I SEE F***S ON THE STREET I'M GONNA KILL 'EM!" I was the only one on the street, about 6 to 8 feet away when the large man uttered the word "kill" – one second later, my weapon was out (low ready, not pointed in) and I was shouting "STOP RIGHT THERE! STOP RIGHT THERE!" as I backed up. He kept coming toward me even as I withdrew, until I quit talking to 911 and stood my ground briefly with more aggressive stance and demeanor (weapon still at low ready). Many witnesses watched from above including several, ironically, from the conference room six floors up where I would teach a concealed carry class the following morning. Does this man have radical views as an Arab Muslim?

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