Jack Anderson Email Claims Concealed Carry is NOT Protected by Second Amendment

I remember Jack Anderson at April's GOP Central Committee meeting, trying to block the resolution opposing Hutchens' ccw policy.  I remember him flying off the handle when someone suggested his role at the meeting was inappropriate given his status with OCSD.

In the excerpt of his email below, forwarded to Central Committee members, Jack Anderson indicates he does not believe concealed carry is protected by the Second Amendment right to bear ams, and furthermore he does not even seem to allow for reasonable good cause analysis taking into account the excellent experience we have had with RTC spreading nationally over the last several decades:


I have heard supporters of the ill thought out resolution argue that our Central Committee needs to return to the core Republican platform which includes supporting any attempts to infringe upon the right to bear arms. Sheriff Hutchens has repeatedly stated that she supports the 2nd Amendment, she is not taking anyone’s gun away, she is merely insuring CCW licenses are issued in accordance with the law. I’ve heard the argument that the right to bear arms includes to bear arms concealed anywhere and that California should be a “right to carry concealed” state like some 38 other states in the nation. Only our legislators in Sacramento can make that happen, the State’s 58 county Sheriffs and over 400 Chiefs of Police don’t make the law but we expect them to follow the law.

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