He Who Hath Felt for Delta Smelt Hath Freedom Lethal Blow Dealt

Driving up and down the I-5 you can't ignore all the roadside signs protesting how another farm has been killed by Congress.  Whether by design or not, we are losing the nation's main breadbasket.  

» Fish or Famine — TONIGHT! The Great American Blog « FOXNews.com.

In turn, farmers are making tough decisions. They are losing their farms (in some circumstances third generation farms) and forced to fire the workers. Food banks can't keep shelves stocked because of all the needy families and eventually, farmers say, you and I will feel the effects. We will be forced to eat fruits, veggies and nuts from other countries (with few regulations, pesticides, etc).

Consider that Ukraine was the main breadbasket of Europe until Stalin's forced collectivization of farms created an artificial famine killing 7 to 10 million people.  Now consider all that against the backdrop of the current healthcare "debate" and the shocking speed at which the current occupant of the white house is taking us down the road to serfdom.  Should food be considered a basic human right?  God help us if it ever is.  Video of the Holodomor Genocide in Ukraine:

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