Does the Definition of Education in Your Revocable Trust Allow for Firearms Training?

In addition to formal K-12, college or post-graduate study, or vocational and technical programs, the definition of education in your revocable trust may allow your trustee to provide for specialized formal or informal training in such things as music, the stage, the handicrafts, or the arts.

George Washington said that "firearms deserve a place of honor with all that's good."  Why not expressly allow the trustee to provide for training in firearms and defensive shooting?

Such training can provide your children with the comfort of skill at arms so they can protect themselves and their own children, and furthermore, passes on American values necessary to preserve political independence of families in our society.  Other benefits of such training can include increased personal responsibility and lower juvenile delinquency rates.

You may even want to go further with an incentive trust provision actually requiring this training, possibly with achievement standards.

To learn more about such planning, visit http://7-4-1776.US

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