McDonald Case Worthless Unless You Update Your Family Constitution

At a meeting of estate planners a few weeks ago, I mentioned my free concealed weapons class (http://GUNLAW.PRO, more details at and that I design trusts with incentives for multi-generational firearms training.  A well-known and highly respected attorney recalled and related to us a terrible experience he had a long time ago on a family outing, when he realized to his horror that he was "accidentally" (negligently) pointing a loaded gun at his own daughter.  It was obvious to me this had powerfully affected his view of guns, unfortunately in a negative way.

This kind of negligence is so easily avoidable, with some good basic training plus REGULAR DRY PRACTICE to engrain rigid compliance with the four basic safety rules, as to virtually ELIMINATE any possibility of this kind of thing ever happening.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of gun owners do not even know what they do not know.  I gather this from teaching over 70 ccw students, many with military and law enforcement backgrounds.  Worse, many gun owners are too prideful (or fearful) to even consider formal training.  Firearms skills (both efficiency and safety) are perishable and we can all benefit from holding each other accountable. 

Despite the great result in McDonald, reasonable restrictions are still permitted.  The four dissenting justices in McDonald provide a glimpse as to what "reasonable" means in Alice's Wonderland, possibly your children's future. 

As the Supreme Court has acknowledged, a well-regulated militia cannot exist without a people trained to bearing arms.  Unless we step up our efforts to train each other and our children, we will lose the right to bear arms within a generation.

Family Protection Clinic | GUNTRUST.ORG, Professional Law Corporation, Laguna Hills, CA.

The clinic is an informal gathering of clients, financial advisors, friends, and any member of the public who would like to attend (not necessary to be a client) for free general information and discussion about estate planning, asset protection and family protection, including a discussion of Unloaded Open Carry (UOC) in California; plus free target practice with realistic laser simulator (moving/transitional targets, including hostage rescue scenario). [You can also complete the shooting prerequisite for attending free CCW class (ccw details at] Video:

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