“Pay Whatever It’s Worth To You” Site Offers Free Forms for Wills and “Death with Degnity” (Not My Spelling)

Just when I thought I'd seen everything.  "Degnity" is not a typo as it's repeated throughout the same way.  Maybe that's how it's spelled in South Carolina.

Proof positive that when you see a lawyer about estate planning, instead of viewing it as a transaction where you purchase documents, you should view it as a relationship that keeps your plan working. 

Just linking, not endorsing:

Thank you for deciding to support LastWillAndTestamentSite.com | Last Will And Testament Forms | FREE Last Will And Testament EBook. Excerpt: 

"There's no doubt about it. The Last Will And Testament information and forms provided to you on this site are valuable. Just how valuable is up to you. Many lawyers charge $200.00+ per Last Will And Testament (over $400.00 for a married couple#. True, you get to talk with the lawyer in person, but you also have to go to the lawyer's office – one time to talk about your Last Will And Testament and a second time to actually sign it. With this site you instantly have the information and forms. You can make your own Last Will And Testament when its convenient for you. You do not have to take time off from work to meet someone else's #lawyer's) schedule. So here you are. You have the valuable information and the forms. You save your time ("time is money"). You decide what to pay."

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