Are Rattlesnake Flags American?

First Navy Jack Flag The left has failed to monopolize stupidity.  There are plenty of dumb conservatives, including one lady  at a TEA Party who asked me why I was not flying the DC/federal flag.  I explained to her that my First Navy Jack was ordered to be flown on all US Navy ships, and that seemed to end her concern.  (Another lady affiliated with a certain local campaign in the last primary made certain at tea party events to discourage the flying of anything but Old Glory.)

Are rattlesnake flags American?  That seems to be an issue in the current matter of an Arizona man fighting his HOA over the right to fly his Gadsden.Gadsden

The rattlesnake symbolized noble self-defense upon fair warning, and if to be American is to be dedicated to small government and the right to bear arms, then these historical rattlesnake flags are unambiguously American.  Despite strong feelings we have for Old Glory, there is undeniable ambiguity in the meaning of a flag flown by so many government agencies dragging us and our children down to a socialist hell.  Happily, that ambiguity can be cured by flying both flags TOGETHER.  (You can get a free patriot flag at http://7-4-1776.US while supplies last.)

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