Creepy FEMA Visit to my blog post on Obama Banning M1 Shipment

I may be overreacting and this sitemeter snip below may simply represent a fine FEMA official friendly to gun rights, surfing the internet in spare time between disasters, but i just find this FEMA visit to my blog post on Obama's recent banning of the M1 shipment from Korea to be CREEPY, even more so than the snips i have of CHP visiting my post on the California Highway Patrol's role in forcibly disarming NOLA residents during Katrina, and similar snips over the years. [UPDATE: Oh, I forgot to mention the somewhat predictable visits by the ubiquitous "Performance Systems International" including one to this very post, within seconds of posting. UPDATE2: followed by another to my law site, both copied below.] Stuff like this makes me think of Holodomor when I hear of irrational controls on Central Valley agriculture, milk and CO2 classified as pollutants, millions on food stamps….

Fema snip 


Psi snip1 
Psi snip2 


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