Glenn Beck says “Shoot to Kill” – I say “Shoot to STOP”

This is what happens when you let mainstream culture brainwash you into thinking military veterans are the experts on defensive use of handguns, and you fail to demand that clergy, negligent in failing to instruct us on the proper limits of lethal force, engage this most important issue concerning the right to life and our fundamental right to bear arms to defend it, held by the Supreme Court to be implicit in the American concept of ordered liberty.

I agree with Glenn Beck most of the time and enjoy listening to him often on satellite radio (don't have Stop7362TV), but this morning he played back excerpts from a commencement speech he gave and there were a  few things i disagreed with including this:

"If you must shoot, shoot to kill."  NO.  NO.  NO.  NO.  NO.

I say instead: "If you must shoot, SHOOT TO STOP."

With a handgun, that generally means two center-of-mass hits.  Depending on the situation, a different dose, frequency, and entry point of lead may be prescribed by the gun doctors but as a lawyer I advise you to NEVER INTEND TO KILL, only to stop.  Plus, it's just not right and is contrary to the right to life upon which your right of self-defense is based.  You are not the judge and you are not the executioner.  You are not a soldier with a license to kill.  You only have a RIGHT to STOP the attacker.  (I refer to the right guaranteed by the Second Amendment, not the piece of paper Sheriff Hutchens childishly and foolishly took away from you.)

There WILL be justice.  Patience.

And while you are at it, use a caliber that is BIG ENOUGH TO STOP!  .22 is fine for assassins and other murderers.  Not so noisy (noise attracts attention) and perfectly lethal depending on shot placement.  However, to you as a law abiding citizen these considerations are TOTALLY IRRELEVANT and you need a caliber strong enough to STOP the assailant so you DON'T have to go for the head shot and the perp gets to make new career plans in the ER.

Contact me for real civilian defensive handgun training that is relevant to you and happens to be free of charge if you sit and listen to my updates on estate planning, wills, and trust maintenance.  Sign up for my free Family Protection Clinic at http://GUNTRUST.ORG and you are guaranteed to improve your shooting skills no matter what your skill level.

One response to “Glenn Beck says “Shoot to Kill” – I say “Shoot to STOP”

  1. Absolutely. The line seems so out of keeping with the tone of his wonderful letter to his daughter. Hope he takes this line out of future versions of this piece.

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