Do Not Vote for Pussycons, and Do Not Blindly Follow Them – Demand Shooting Events

Interesting WND column: The Enigmatic Glenn Beck.  We must demand our opinion leaders actually shoot with us so we know they really understand gun culture.  Bill Hunt did this but it has to go beyond those running for Sheriff.  Chelene Nightingale is a great example with her “Shoot with Chelene” events for her gubernatorial campaign—we need to see more like her.  Unfortunately, some pols run on their record as veterans and voters assume they are pro-gun when in reality they do not value the widespread gun ownership our Founders relied on to preserve our constitutional republic.  The Founders would have agreed with Mao that political power grows from the barrel of a gun.  When Glenn Beck criticized Obama officials for using this quote from Mao, merely for quoting Mao, I had the feeling Beck did not really understand the truth of this quote and how fundamental this truth is to America.  (Of course, Obama officials don't understand it, either.)  Another disturbing statement of Beck’s on guns:

Beck (and Hannity, etc.) are great but we need to get these guys out, not just to “the range” – but to a concealed carry class (for example: as a good basic start to regular training, and understanding gun culture.  If these celebs are concerned about danger in live fire shooting with the public, I think that is a little paranoid but if necessary they can demonstrate shooting ability at a laser simulated range such as the one I offer free at my weekly Family Protection Clinic ( It is a time investment we all need to make, and demand of each other.

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