Must a CCW Instructor Have Personal Experience with Defensive Gun Use?

In an interview by Daniel Shaw of Gunfighter Cast of firearms training legend Massad Ayoob, they both seemed to agree that direct self-defense gunfighting experience is not necessary for a ccw instructor.  Daniel had to shoot in combat but pointed out this differs from situation where civilian must quickly decide whether to shoot or even draw.  Massad said he had to draw six times but never had to shoot, though came close.  Massad said there are so many different scenarios that can occur, no instructor can be an expert based on personal experience and should be more like a funnel for the student, transmitting generally accepted principles.  In a statutorily required CCW class such as the one I teach, most of the instruction is on legal and ethical considerations in using lethal force.  Although introduced to the basics of weapons handling and tactics, students are expected to continue their training and practice regularly.  In my own course, I do relate and discuss my own personal experience in drawing my gun to defend myself against a threatened attack as it illustrates many of the issues involved with civilian defensive gun use, and how police may view these issues versus civilian firearms instructors, because of the different focus in training.

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