Now I understand why the Left wants to Ban AR’s

IMAG0211 I just returned from a 4 Day Rifle class at Front Sight.  I am now a rifleman, albeit a soggy/muddy, drenched, hypothermic one.

This was not my first rifle class at Front Sight, but the rifles I brought before (308's) were too much gun for me, too heavy to really train well.

This time I brought my new M4 carbine, and "AR" type weapon.  What a difference!  Among rifles, the AR must be a "great equalizer."  High-powered yet very light and very little recoil.  Just about anyone could shoot it, regardless of build.

No, I did not "graduate" (pass the skills test), and if my experience with the handgun courses is any indication that may take me awhile, but i learned enough basic handling to feel comfortable with the weapon.  Plus, I had great FUN training with it.

I always wondered why California allowed the M1A yet sought to ban these AR's.  Now I understand.  The Left wants to frustrate militia training, and this platform makes training fun for everyone.

The M1A will be locked up until I am more like Schwarzenegger (pectorally, not politically).

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