How we end up when we take Christ out of Christmas

Muzzolini Tolerance is a Western thing.  It comes from Christianity.  Lose Christ, and you lose tolerance.  Think you'll get rid of religion if you get rid of God?  Look at today's news: North Korea threatening "Holy War" with nukes!  Atheism does not free you from religion.  You just get bad religion.  You end up led by fellas like the guy in the picture (Muzzolini, an atheist).  These pillars of PC are in charge everywhere these days.  Their complexion may not be this bad yet, but they corrupt everyone around them.  Like the branch manager at Chase who told me, as i closed my account, that having a Christmas tree in the lobby would offend Jews (a secular atheist perhaps, but i doubt an orthodox Jew would be offended any more than i would be offended if all they had was a Menorah–and i made clear to her i would have kept my account open if they at least had that Menorah; if Christ celebrated Hanukkah, that's good enough for me).  Our freedom under rule of law descends from great Judaeo-Christian traditions we must honor if the West is to survive.  She didn't understand that.  Ditz.  Neither apparently did the branch manager over at Banco de America who explained that they could no longer have Christmas trees because of the expense of getting fire marshal approval.  (That didn't stop Wells Fargo from having Christmas trees, and why would a fire marshal object to an artifical tree anyway? LIARS!)  At least the BofA lobby was decked out pretty well with poinsettias, and since these days it seems only Mexicans bank at Banco de America, maybe that's par and i left wishing them Feliz Navidad.  The tree is important as a real, tangible, festive reminder of the holiday, although of course it is possible for the real meaning to be lost through commercialism, or by putting a swastika on top instead of a star or angel (see recently released pics of Hitler & Co. celebrating Christmas).

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