Chamber Check! Atlas Shrugged Movie Will Force Compromisers to Take a Stand

I predict the new Atlas Shrugged movie opening today will force the James Taggarts of the business world to finally stand on principle and allow others to do the same.  Thomas Paine wrote, "Commerce diminishes the spirit, both of patriotism and of military defense."  Emails with green "save the trees" slogans leave me with the impression the sender is a sleazy slimeball global warming fraudster, willing to sell his child into slavery.  How do others react to these green mantras? How will they react after seeing this movie?  Over-taggartized professional and trade associations and business networking groups can make us feel like we are the only ones cringing at the new green religion, but this movie, so long anticipated, comes out in very desperate times forcing many to take a hard look at economic reality.

Early in our marriage, I took my wife to a movie about Ayn Rand's life.  It was very meaningful for my wife, who grew up in the Ukrainian SSR, and Helen quickly became a fan of Rand's books.  We even named our daughter after this great author who gave such eloquent voice to the merits of the individual freedom essential in a rational Christian faith and true charity.  Rand's horrible political incongruity [she did not have much respect for fetuses; also, see her views on self-defense here] and personal failures in applying her own philosophy, mainly due to her inability to recognize God's hand, do not detract from the moral case she makes for individual freedom.  In fact, those failures serve to illustrate the necessity of rational faith as a bedrock for values supporting individual freedom.  Besides, Ayn Rand is no longer an atheist, is she?  God bless her.

Helen, Ayn and I, eagerly anticipate viewing the movie this evening. 

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