Should Your First Gun Purchase Begin with your Trust Attorney (or Barber)?

No, this article is not about NFA trusts for machine guns, etc.  It’s about training like my free Family Protection Clinic (http://GUNLAW.PRO) or the fine training provided by a zillion other volunteer firearm instructors in various walks of life (like this barber interviewed by NRA News).

Hsc cert California has it backwards when it comes to gun safety training.  Newbie comes in wanting to buy his or her first gun, whatever they saw on the cover of the gun magazine.  The “gun shop” is the most common venue for taking the simple written exam for the Handgun Safety Certificate (HSC) required in California (must be renewed every five years).  Newbie is a good test taker and manages to pass the simple written exam, but due to the lack of formal training, Newbie is frustrated with shooting and quits the sport.  Or worse, Newbie continues without formal training and someone gets injured.Fast draw toe

Everyone will benefit if Newbie gets trained before walking in to the gun store (including the gun store, which will sell a lot more guns if Newbie starts out right).  “Newbie” includes anyone who has not recently had formal training, as the skills are highly perishable (none of us are immune).

I hope you will join me at my free clinic, regardless of your experience level. Sign up your whole family for the Family Protection Clinic at http://GUNLAW.PRO to prepare for the 30-state Concealed Firearm Permit, California’s Handgun Safety Certificate, or simply to learn the basics and have fun. (I have upgraded the laser simulator with the latest technology, and it delivers;)

You can complete all of this training without ever touching a real gun.  Replicas provide the realism necessary, without worry over safety (and shooting up my office walls).  Complete the training before you buy your first handgun, and your decision will be better informed.  And who knows, you may even avoid the proverbial “drawer full of holsters.”


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