Superman Didn’t Leave US. He was Never One of US.

He is NOT a "Natural Born" citizen and rumor has it he is responsible for the bent handgun on display atUn twisted  UN headquarters, so recent news about an internationalist Superman renouncing US citizenship doesn’t surprise me.

Superman didn’t leave us.  He was never one of us.  It is only the religion of communism that needs such a savior.  And the only way to dictate salvation for communism is to destroy nationalism, in general, and the American family in particular.

America has a much greater heritage and all we need is super American families cognizant of their duty to pass on this heritage.  For example, with the F.I.R.S.T. Family Trust: http://7-4-1776.US

Upon renouncing US citizenship, Superman becomes a "prohibited person" and may no longer possess a firearm on these shores.  (Several financial advisors were shocked when I told them this, after they advised clients to renounce for tax reasons; financial texts typically omit the gun stuff that rational people find important.)  He may find he is no longer a Superman among other lawless Supermen and may long for the lost right to bear arms, the great equalizer of men, especially if life deals him a load of kryptonite.

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