One Hour on Laser Simulator Better than 1000 Round$ of “$acred” Ammo

To the Founders ammuniton was sacred, not to be wasted:

It is the Right of every English Subject to be prepared with Weapons for his defence….Carefully preserve the small quantity of gunpowder which you have amongst you; it will be the last Resource when every other means of Safety fail you–Great Britain has cut you off from further supplies…. [R]eserve what Ammunition you have as a sacred Deposit. He in part betrays his Country who sports it away, perhaps in every Charge he fires he gives with it the means of preserving the life of a fellow being.

[Letter circulated 19 June 1775 by North Carolina's delegates to Continental Congress]

Live fire is important to validate training and practice, but too much live fire can actually degrade performance. Not to mention, ammo's expensive! Dry practice, especially on a laser simulated range with moving and transitional targets, is an important supplement to the typical live fire on paper targets. Try it out FREE at my Family Protection Clinic.

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