The GUNTRUST Course (UT & AZ CCW) South Orange County

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Guntrust buttona course of CCW/firearms instruction emphasizing multi-generational, dynastic family protection. 


Carry Concealed in 30+ States*
Californians can carry concealed in approximately 30 states with Utah’s Concealed Firearm Permit (CFP), available to nonresidents. 
*As of 12/7/2011, the UT permit allows Californians to carry in 31 states.  This can easily be expanded to 34 (including NV) by obtaining the AZ permit (once you obtain the UT permit you are exempt from AZ training requirements and can then submit for AZ permit).

Not a BCI employee Utah instr cert
“It’s NOT the GARAND, it’s the GRANDCHILD.”SM
Your family must be a firearms training institution.

My name is Dave Duringer and I am licensed (not a BCI employee) to offer the required course for Utah’s CFP. I run the entire class in comfortable facilities at my Laguna Hills office, using realistic, metal airsoft firearm replicas and a laser-simulated range (also located at my office). My own training background is as a Front Sight Diamond member. Since my first class in June 2008, I have trained approximately 150 students (mostly at my office).

For a very reasonable fee, I can schedule a class at your location, for your business, church, community group.

The FREE version of the CLASS (Step Two) is held several times a year at my office. (Other instructors charge upwards of $300 per student for standard concealed carry classes, and you get so much more with the GUNTRUST(R) course.) You don’t have to pay for this class, but if able consider donating something to help cover expenses. If that is difficult, don’t worry about it–no donation is expected.

STEP ONE (“The Clinic”):
Clinic1Visit http://GUNLAW.PRO and sign up for the Clinic I offer for target practice and discussion of Family Protection. At this Clinic you will take and pass a simple shooting test, required for my CCW Class, using a laser simulated shooting range.
STEP TWO (“The Class”):
The free Class takes place all day on a Saturday, and is scheduled when a sufficient number of students have completed Step One.  (The class is held free of charge several times a year. For a very reasonable flat fee, I can schedule an alternate class date for your private group, either at my office or at a remote location.)
After the class I will stamp your app, which you will send to Utah along with the other required materials. You are responsible for Utah’s fee and the other required items.
Instead of real firearms, the class uses realistic trainers:
Firearm trainers


Rev flags 3

PRIZES: Win a FREE FLAG at shooting competitions (while supplies last).



Video of Laser Simulator Clinic (Step One, above):

Several of the photos on this page are by Oleg Volk.
See more of his work at
“For firearms enthusiasts: This toolbar ( for your browser contains all sorts of information and links, audio and visual. Please spread the word. This was put together by Attorney David R. Duringer and is a valuable asset and he deserves commendation for his work….This is the only time I have EVER recommended a toolbar….”
–James C. Foy, investor, Apple Valley, CA
“My husband and I had a great time today at the clinic. We learned a lot today! I am telling all my friends about your class.”
–Claudia Reott
“I want to thank you for putting on a very fun and informative presentation.”
–Bill Fuller, security officer, Aliso Viejo, CA
“Thanks for your vision. I was pleasantly surprised at the showing. Your novel approach to family trust and firearm protection is refreshing. I think the presentation was very enlightening and lays a good foundation for the groups. Looking forward to all of the upcoming instructions and trainings.”
–Bob Serrao, author, retired Chaplain, Irvine, CA
“I enjoyed the presentation and appreciate the service you are offering and the laser simulator is a truly amazing little unit!”
–Eric Garant
“It was fun. I liked all your explanations and look forward to another class. It felt good to get a couple of bulls eyes.”
–Dorothy Sheldon, Ojai, CA
“This was a great class.”
–Brian LaSalle, Huntington Beach, CA
“Firearm safety was extensively covered in great detail. Excellent and thorough instructor. Very knowledgeable.”
— Peter Sterbing, retired military

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