Family Firearm Training Duty Now Greater Than Ever

In these uncertain times, there is a critical need for families to take up the responsibility of training Americans to arms.

Our federal Constitution was designed with state militias in mind for balance of power. Although these militias could be called up by the President in case of war or insurrection, the states were supposed to have control over appointment of all officers. The states no longer have such control as the current National Guard requires dual enlistment in the regular military reserves, and therefore National Guard units are not really militia but instead are a national body of volunteer reserve troops.  Furthermore, the circumstances under which the President could take over from Governors command of National Guard units were greatly expanded a few years ago to include various domestic disasters.

Possibly saving the dual enlistment provision from being held unconstitutional is another provision allowing states to set up their own militias under exclusive state control, at their own expense. (For example, California has one.)  However, these are typically poorly funded, small and inconsequential.

The family is the only institution that can be trusted to rebuild the great militia of the people at large.  Don't "play telephone" with your descendants when it comes to the Second Amendment.  Make firearm training a part of your family constitution: http://7-4-1776.US

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