California Legislature Repeats Founders’ Error in Passing AB144

The Founders were great, but not perfect. They failed in one respect. They failed to transmit their values to succeeding generations. (You can do better with a F.I.R.S.T. Family Trust: http://www.7-4-1776.US)

It's not about the gun you "own" or the piece of paper allowing you to carry concealed in a ghetto-ized way which separates you from the public at large and even from others who carry, with no accountability to your neighbors in the exercise of your duty to carry. That piece of paper or plastic can be taken away at any time, as we found out here in Orange County.

Open carry has advantages over concealed carry. It's a stronger deterrent. It's quicker, more "instantaneous" (popular word these days). Even California-style unloaded open carry may be more "instantaneous" than certain modes of deep concealment or concealment in accessories.  However, all of these advantages pale in comparison to the most important advantage of open carry over concealed carry:

Only open carry educates your neighbors and their kids on the duty to carry.  This is where the Founders failed, and this is where Sacramento just failed–big time.

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