More Than Half of Declaration Signers Were Lawyers. What we Need is Less Big Law and Litigiousness.

A little known fact is that more than half of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were lawyers.  Our problem these days is not that we have too many lawyers.  A free society needs lawyers because this is earth, not heaven.  Present-day Japan, for example, has few guns and few lawyers, but is not a very free society.  Beware of those who would use force or restraint to create heaven on earth (Joe Stalin: "Let's kill all the lawyers").

The main problem we have these days is too much litigiousness–for example, too many Christians suing other Christians.  This problem is perpetuated by Big Law pushing special-interest legislation and using their influence within mandatory state bars to stifle the efforts of smaller law firms (for example, trust attorney) to provide more efficient planning services, minimizing the need for such litigation.

Saying we have "too many lawyers" is like saying we have "too many guns" – you are the weapon, your lawyer is just a tool.  Use your lawyer for defense only, and only to the extent necessary, not to ruin.  He who lives by the law, will die by the law.

No lawsuit is filed without a plaintiff, and as for costly and tumultuous probate court, the heirs of those who plan need not pay for the errors of those who don't.

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