New Company Loads Human Ash Into Ammunition

Holy Smoke, LLC!  What a great idea, at least for those opting to be cremated.  A new company  will load your human ash remains into ammunition, then ship the remainder of ash back to you, along with the ammo.  Ash is loaded into shotgun shells by mixing it with shot, not the powder.  For center-fire rifle and pistol cartridges, the ash is loaded into the cavity in hollow points then sealed with wax.

They can even mix in colors (red, white, blue) with blank loads for a patriotic 21-gun salute!

Here is Cam Edwards ( interviewing the owners:


What a great way to honor a crime victim!  Or a hunter.  Or millions of tea party revolutionary folk. You can contact the company here.

To update your will and other estate planning documents regarding your planned burial disposition, see a California estate planning attorney now.

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