Starbucks’ HomoNazi Marriage Holocaust is a Holocaust of the Family

Starbucks' recent announcement (story here) that its support for legalizing same-sex marriage is "core to who we are and what we value as a company" has sent shockwaves through Christian America (coffee-drinking, tea partying, or just plain angry at globalist norm changing aimed at the families keeping America free).

Starbucks' brand of homonazi fascism on the subject of marriage is disturbing given what is known about the prevalence of homosexuality among the Nazis in Hitler's Germany (story here).  (Sometimes I wonder about the folks at calgun.nuts, up in the Bay Area!)

Keep gulping down this corporate fascism, and you will end up with no food for your family, let alone coffee.

Are you familiar with the Ukrainian Holodomor, the artificial Soviet famine killing about ten million Ukrainian nationalists?  You may not know about it because the schools ignore it.

Dare call it the "Ukrainian Holocaust" and a commie lib will scream at you for cheapening the term "Holocaust" – and they are right in a sense: the killing is not quite as direct.  But it's still an intentional act resulting in a killing (or two).

Ditto the "Abortion Holocaust" which kills millions of children in this country.  (Again, you are technically correct if you say the term "Holocaust" is cheapened because yes, the killing is less direct.)

Now we have the "Marriage Holocaust" perpetrated by Starbucks, which appears to be part of the globalist attempt to change norms of behavior in America, norms which keep America free with families strong enough to resist the growth of government, families strong enough to feed themselves and defend themselves.

[Families are why the Soviet Union fell.  Because of my wife's family, growing up in Ukraine, she recognized the mandatory recycling programs and the like (e.g., bringing newspapers every week to her school, School No. 40) were all about control and propaganda, and her father was able to stand up to the local union.]

You say I'm cheapening the term "Holocaust"? 

Everyone (even the homosexual) has a right to marry someone of the opposite sex.  The institution of marriage as defined for eons is essential to a free society and more particularly, is a benefit to women and children.

Lives depend on it.  Freedom depends on it.  Change the definition of marriage and you CHEAPEN it.  Instead of an institution focused on procreation (or adoption if necessary) and family building and the future, it becomes just one more hedonistic heresy of the here and now.

Starbucks, quit cheapening the term "marriage" and reverse this insane policy!


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