Running for Central Committee on Tea Party Patriots Seven Slate – Please Share

Faith.  Family.  Freedom.  Put Conservatives on the Orange County Republican Party Central Committee.  Vote for Dave Duringer and the Tea Party Patriots Seven!

May 3, 2012
In This Issue

  • Introducing the “Tea Party Patriot Seven” Slate
  • What is Central Committee?
  • Why We Need Conservatives on Central Committee
  • Vote for Dave Duringer, Conservative!
  • What the Founders Thought About Kids and Guns
Fireside Chats

I will be holding several “Fireside Chats” during the month of May.  These informal meetings at my office are a chance to get to know each other, talk about politics, and practice shooting on a fun, high-tech simulated trainer.  See for details including video of the simulator in operation.

Connect and Share!
Introducing the “Tea Party Patriots Seven” Slate

I am honored to run as a member of the “Tea Party Patriots Seven” slate.  Click the picture above to reach a larger file you can download for printing and sharing our flyer.  Each of us is dedicated to small government, constitutional conservatism and a return to the values that made America unique in world history: Faith, Family, and Freedom.

[Note: This email is sent to you as a resident of the 73rd Assembly District (map here).  Some of you may not have the opportunity to vote for John Webb.  He is running in the new 45th Congressional District (map here), which is not coextensive with the 73rd.  Nevertheless, we still need you to support Mr. Webb by circulating our slate mailer by print and email.]

What is Central Committee?

The Central Committee of the Orange County Republican Party is essentially the Board of Directors for the local GOP.  The County Central Committee issues (and withholds) endorsements of candidates and ballot measures; passes non-binding resolutions to signal party consensus on important issues; raises money for candidates; communicates with voters directly or by official ballot statement; builds the party by registering new voters and organizing the grassroots; participates in State Central Committee and drafting of the party’s platform; challenges unfair election results; and fills office vacancies when they occur.

Why We Need Conservatives on Central Committee

Socialists win by fostering conflict and brokering political protection.  A republic must rise above class conflict and stand on principle.  Our Republican Party cannot win by compromise or trying to out-socialize the socialists.  We can only win with a clear principled stance energizing grassroots conservatives.  The makeup of the Central Committee determines our stance.

Vote for Dave Duringer, Conservative!

Here is a sample ballot for Republicans living in the 73rd District.  There are 22 candidates running for Central Committee in the 73rd District.  Please vote for me on June 5th (or earlier if you have an absentee ballot).  You can actually vote for up to six, and I encourage you to vote for the five of us running for Central Committee on the “Tea Party Patriot Seven” slate (see slate flyer above).
2012 sample ballot 73rd district
I am a Constitutional Conservative.  If elected, my actions will be bound by the Constitution and inspired by the Declaration of Independence.  As an economics major (UCSD) and licensed real estate broker, and constant student of my wife who emigrated from the former Soviet Union, I understand the need for free markets.  As a lawyer since 1989, with two law degrees (UC Hastings and Chapman) and having passed two bar exams (CA & WA), I understand how bad law can mess up free markets.  As a practicing Roman Catholic, I respect life.  As a volunteer firearm instructor entering my fifth year of teaching a free concealed carry class, I defend life.  As one of the original California Minutemen in 2005, I did what I could to protect our border.  As a decade-long firearm student and Front Sight Diamond, I maintain the skills required of me as an American.  See bio.

I am passionately conservative on a full range of issues, economic and social, but I am most vocal about our gun rights because they are the rights which guarantee all other rights.  Think guns have nothing to do with economics?  Guns have everything to do with economics.  Right now, there are mobs in the streets trying to scare us into socialist solutions–but a people trained to bearing arms (and actually doing so on a daily basis rather than leaving it in the safe) does not scare easily!  (See Henry Knox quote below.)  We vote and we speak up, loudly because we are not afraid.

Sheriff Sandra Hutchens Revoked My CCW

I first ran for Central Committee two years ago because I was incensed by the Committee’s inadequate response to Sheriff Hutchens’ anti-American CCW policy.  I was one of hundreds who lost their permits due to Hutchens’ new policy.  You may not think that is a big deal if you have not had a permit, but carrying daily for five and a half years is a major lifestyle change and for someone to arbitrarily take away your ability to protect your family, yourself, and those around you, is a really big deal.  The OC Register made it sound like Carona only gave permits to those “with connections” but in truth it was a fairly administered program (for the most part), and “avid shooters” who trained regularly could get permits.  I supported Bill Hunt for Sheriff but the OC Register threw the election by endorsing a minor third place candidate.

The Central Committee still needs a voice for the Second Amendment.  For example, If you go to their website and click the link on the issues page for the Right to Bear Arms, you will get a “404 Error File Not Found” error message.  That’s one of the first things I would try to change.

Here I am with my wife Helen and a couple of Uzi submachine guns, at our first Front Sight class a dozen years ago:

front sight lenchik davik 300

Here is our daughter Ayn, appearing in an Oleg Volk poster:

Ayn Duringer in Oleg Volk poster

Click here for a video of Ayn, at age 8, explaining how to unload a semi-auto handgun.

Click here for recent photos of Ayn, at age 11, taking a defensive handgun class at Front Sight.

It is very important that girls be taught how to shoot at an early age.  With patient instruction, kids naturally love shooting.  Girl shooters grow up to be good role models and raise the bar for the guys.  When girl shooters grow up to be armed citizens, they create a much larger risk for bad guys.  Women have done well in combat, but I don’t think women should serve in the military, at least not anywhere near combat zones.  (To hear a recording of my wife speaking with Roger Hedgecock fifteen years ago about the issue of women in the military, click here.)

All culture springs from the family.  Only the family can be trusted to pass on the values needed to keep us free.  As a gun trust attorney, I help families succeed where the Founders failed: preserving for generations the values, tools, and training needed for armed self-defense and self-government.

On Central Committee, I just want to get government out of the way.

Please vote for me in the June 5th primary, and please share this email with your neighbors.

Dave Duringer

About Kids and Guns…

  • “A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be the constant companion of your walk.” (Thomas Jefferson)
  • “There is no Custom more generally to be observed among the Young Virginians than that they all Learn to keep and use a gun with a Marvelous dexterity as soon as they have strength enough to lift it to their heads.” (Wm. Blathwayt, auditor general of the colonies, 1691)
  • “The People there are very Skilful in the use of Fire-Arms, being all their lives accustom’d to shootin the Woods. This, together with a little exercizeing would soon make the Militia little inferior to Regular Troops.” (Robt. Beverley, 1705)
  • “A well-grown boy at the age of twelve or thirteen years was furnished with a small rifle and shot-pouch….Hunting squirrels, turkeys, and raccoons soon made him expert in the use of his gun.” (Scharf’s History of Western Maryland circa French & Indian War)
  • “For the defence of the colonies, the inhabitants had been, from their early years, enrolled in companies, and taught the use of arms….Europeans, from their being generally unacquainted with fire arms are less easily taught the use of them than Americans, who are from their youth familiar with these instruments of war.” (Ramsay’s 1789 History of the American Revolution)
  • “Should Victory declare in your Favour, yet Men trained to Arms from their Infancy, and animated by the Love of Liberty, will afford neither a cheap or easy Conquest.” (The Twelve United Colonies, by their Delegates in Congress, to the Inhabitants of Great Britain, 8 July 1775)
  • “If every American militiaman was not a crack shot, he was certainly a good enough shot with his fowling piece, musket , or rifle, to terrorize the finest army in Europe at the time. This level of competence did not come from a few weeks of training at the start of the Revolution, but from long experience using a gun.” (Clayton Cramer, Armed America)
  • “The people of the colonies are accustomed to the use of fire-arms from their earliest youth, and are, in general, good marksmen.  Such men, placed in a house, behind a wall, or amongst trees, are capable of doing as much execution as regular soldiers: And to these advantages, which they possessed during the greatest part of the nineteenth of April, we may attribute the inconsiderable losses sustained by them, compared with that of our detachments.”  (British Army officer Charles Stedman)
  • “A militia when properly formed are in fact the people themselves and include all men capable of bearing arms. To preserve liberty it is essential that the whole body of people always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.” Richard Henry Lee, Initiator of the Declaration of Independence, and member of the first Senate, which passed the Bill of Rights. Additional Letters From the Federal Farmer 53, 1788
  • “Every boy, as soon as he can lift a rifle, is constantly practicing with it, and thus becomes an astonishingly expert marksman.” (Blane, 1822-3)
  • “The long rifle is familiar to every hand; skill in the use of it is the highest accomplishment which a southern gentleman glories in; even the children acquire an astonishing expertness in handling this deadly weapon at a very early age.” (Gosse, 1830s)
  • “Every man , or nearly every man, in these states knows how to handle the axe, the hammer, the plane, all the mechanics tools in short, besides the musket, to the use of which he is not only regularly trained as a man but practised as a boy…” (Frances Wright, 1830s)
  • Washington’s Secretary of War Henry Knox, advocating the entire population be educated and disciplined in the military arts, “by means of rotation” (1790): “A glorious national spirit will be introduced, with its extensive train of political consequences.  The youth will imbibe a love of their country; reverence and obedience to its laws; courage and elevation of mind; openness and liberality of character; accompanied by a just spirit of honor; in addition to which their bodies will acquire a robustness, greatly conducive to their personal happiness, as well as the defence of their country….” … “An energetic national militia is to be regarded as the capital security of a free republic, and not a standing army, forming a distinct class in the community. It is the introduction and diffusion of vice, and corruption of manners, into the mass of the people, that renders a standing army necessary.  It is when public spirit is despised, and avarice, indolence, and effeminacy of manners predominate, and prevent the establishment of institutions which would elevate the minds of the youth in the paths of virtue and honor, that a standing army is formed and riveted forever….”

Copyright © 2012 Dave Duringer – Candidate for Orange County Republican Central Committee (73rd District), All rights reserved.

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