Text of Today’s Short Speech Before Casta del Sol Republican Club

Thank you.  My name is Dave Duringer, and while I talk my daughter Ayn will show you pictures from her recent defensive handgun class.

I’m running for Central Committee, which sets our Party’s tone and stance on issues and candidates, through resolutions, endorsements, and platform.  This is still a conservative country, but conservatives are disaffected.  If you want to win elections, get rid of the bean counting RINO moderates on Central Committee and replace them with conservative leaders who will energize the grassroots.  America starves for FAITH, FAMILY, FREEDOM.

I grew up in Coronado, steeped in patriotism.  I studied at UCSD, where I majored in Economics and developed a passion for free markets.  I have two law degrees, one in Tax Law from Chapman but my JD is from UC Hastings, a top 20 law school.  I married a girl from Ukraine, and on trips back there it was exciting to see market forces repairing the destruction of socialism, to see smiles return on people’s faces.  Sustaining freedom requires sustaining the very special mix of traditional values unique to America.  Only the American family can be trusted to carry on these values.  We must END the War on Families. 

Only the family can be trusted to carry on the ethic of training to bear arms, and the training is more important than the firearms.  I owned guns for a long time but it was the training that made me an enthusiast, and I started training only ten years ago.  I became a firearms instructor, spoke on crime prevention, even infused my law practice with a mission of helping families carry on the tradition of bearing arms.  I do all sorts of estate planning but I specialize in gun trusts, which are a better way of holding firearms if you want to carry on the tradition for generations.  Our Constitution, our Republic, our way of life, was designed ONLY for a people trained to bearing Arms.  Failing that, we no longer deserve to be called Americans.  The right to bear arms is the right that guarantees all other rights–so it’s not just a right, it’s a DUTY.

The moderate RINOs will dismiss such talk and tell you: “It’s the economy.”  Think guns have NOTHING to do with economics?  Guns have EVERYTHING to do with economics.  At this very moment, mobs in the streets try to scare us into socialist solutions to problems created by the very same socialists–but a people, trained to bearing arms, will NOT be frightened!  We vote, and we speak up, LOUDLY because we are not afraid of street thugs.

The Founders saw a People trained to Arms as a check against the standing army–a balance of power.  We have plenty of guns for another bloody civil war, and we may be headed that way.  Fortunately, the Founders knew the Right to Bear Arms was much more than merely “balance of power”—it was a sacrament, no less.  When practiced daily in communion with fellow Americans, the act of bearing arms effected sanctity and grace, improving character, imbuing an understanding of when force is appropriate and when it is not.  Partaking of this communion required preparing for Liberty, while staying true to the Author of it.  Fail to prepare, and you fall off the precipice.

If you want to avoid another civil war and sustain this Republic, then train, get others to train, train your families for generations with a gun trust.  When a mother trains, she sets an example for her children.  When my daughter trains, she raises the bar for the boys.  When 80 year old grandmothers train in my office, well that sets an example for just about everyone.  Over the last four years, I’ve taught hundreds of students of all ages.  With my class you never have to touch a real gun, and you can get a permit to carry in over thirty states.  Sign up at GUNTRUST.ORG – it’s free of charge.

Ladies and gentlemen, I need your vote.  Look for my name near the top of the ballot, where it says “Dave Duringer – Gun Trust Attorney” —  that’s “Duringer” like the pocket pistol.  Thank you.

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