Massacre: Media Falsely Claims Rifle Jammed

Law enforcement and/or media have been claiming recently (story here) that the bat crazy shooter’s rifle “jammed” though as every serious firearm student knows a “jam” is something that requires a gunsmith.  When a weapon stops functioning it is almost always a “malfunction” not a “jam” and this is something students routinely train to expect and clear within a few seconds.  The distinction is important for the following reasons:

  1. Calling it a “jam” makes the reader feel it was a stroke of luck that hundreds more were not killed.
  2. Good and decent, sane, law-abiding Americans who train seriously with their firearms, including training on how to clear malfunctions under time pressure, will always have an edge in battle against nutcases who would never last in a serious training environment at one of the major schools.  (See e.g., gun club rejected Holmes’ app for membership due to bizarre answer machine message etc.

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