wise counsel from an Argentinian

Dama Godiva

photo (2)

Photo courtesy of Dama Godiva (The Falklands are Argentine)

My trip to Argentina was enjoyable since I was with family and friends, but at the same time disturbing to see a country of many riches gone amiss. In many ways I saw many similarities to the new United States of the Obama regime.

Argentina was once a prosperous country and one of the world’s wealthiest in the early 1900’s. So what happened?

Argentina’s statistics are astounding and shares many similarities to that of the US. These similarities range from the land, immigration population, and a constitution that is based on the American model.

How did a a country with liberal constitution cycle in and out of dictatorship?  How did one of the riches countries on the planet in 1929 fall so hard? How is it that Argentina cycles between first-world wealth to third-world economic collapse?

The answer is easy, Government. Argentine…

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