Chilean Pres’ “Empty Chair” Prank Shows Why Ted Cruz Cannot Run

““I’m going to sit at the president of the United States’ desk,” Chilean President Sebastian Pinera first announced in Spanish. Then, just like that, he walked around and plunked himself down. In an apparent effort to justify his action, Pinera said one of his daughters was born in the United States.”

So, could his daughter run for the US Presidency simply because she was born in the US? No, the Constitution requires more in the phrase “natural born citizen” for those wanting to run. The traditional rule of “jus sanguinis” is what the Founders had in mind–the father must have been a US citizen.

Ted Cruz says he is eligible to run for the US presidency. He is a great conservative Senator, but he is wrong on this. He was born in Canada to an American mother, but his father was a Cuban citizen. In fact, his father helped Castro initially and never bothered to become American until recently.

Ted Cruz is not a “natural born citizen” according to our founding documents.

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