Blogger Savages Gun Trust Attorneys

Check this out for vitriolic hyperbole against gun trust attorneys:

The Truth About Gun Trusts – and How Attorneys Lie to Get your Money | The Truth About Guns.

What kind of attorneys has he talked to?  I know of no gun trust attorneys even remotely resembling what he describes.

The author carelessly ignores the value of a gun trust guiding trustees in preventing violation of transfer rules with respect to all guns, not just NFA items.

He also ignores the whole legacy aspect.  A trust is the only sure and effective means of carrying on the firearm legacy, without dilution, from generation to generation.

Those are the two main benefits, but there are others like asset protection in various situations, for example.

He ascribes avarice to gun trust attorneys, yet most gun trust attorneys (at least the ones who are actually estate planning attorneys) either do not charge separately for the gun trust, including it free with an estate plan, or provide a credit off estate planning later.

Maybe he just doesn’t like estate planning.

Maybe it slows down the process of selling a gun.

Maybe he doesn’t like firearm training, for the same reason.

Gun trusts are essentially about transmitting firearm training to succeeding generations, including the knowledge of how to build them in your garage in case one day your children no longer have the privilege of interacting with the small-time gun dealer (and bigot) who wrote this article.

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