Open Carry is Ultrasound for the Second Amendment #2A

One of the advantages of open carry over concealed carry is that gun owners know their brethren who carry openly.  In a concealed carry regime, gun owners are ghetto-ized and susceptible to brainwashing.  For example, you keep hearing from the left about a recent study claiming gun ownership has declined, and that gun sales are going up only because a smaller number of gun owners are buying more guns.  You know this conflicts with your own observation and with other studies, but the lie keeps getting repeated.

Open carry is ultrasound for the Second Amendment.  Though concealed carry may give an individual a tactical edge (in a fight that probably would have been completely avoided with open carry), SOCIETY is safest when we are all accountable to each other to be responsibly armed.

In the concealed carry ghetto, you’ve given up your #1A for the illusion of #2A.  You speak less about #2A and stop wearing NRA hats, t-shirts and other advertising, afraid someone will think you are brandishing or irresponsible and your permit will be taken away.  If concealed carry ever succeeded in reaching “a people trained to bearing arms” it would morph into open carry in effect since if enough other people carried concealed, they could probably guess you were carrying anyway.  More likely, the ghetto will get smaller and smaller.

That said, concealed carry certainly has a place.  If you are in SoCal, check out my free firearm training events, including free concealed carry class for a permit valid in more than 30 states:

Gun ownership of course, as a percentage of households, is definitely NOT declining now, though it may have declined in the 1970’s and 1980’s:


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