Largest Eurasian Nation #Russia Invades Largest European Nation #Ukraine #2A #tcot #tpot

Russia admits moving troops, but claims necessary to protect fleet stationed in Crimea.

Necessary to have troops take over government buildings, airports, have aircraft (jets and helicopters) repeatedly violate airspace? Necessary to surround the Ukrainian Coast Guard?

Stories herehere, here, here, and here.

In rejecting control by Kiev, Crimea’s Aksionov sounds a lot like New Orleans Mayor “No one will be allowed to be armed” Nagin:

“Kyiv should stop armed people from wandering in Ukraine. There are armed groups in territories where Maidan protests have not even been conducted… This process is absolutely out of control, no one is disarming them,” he said.

Russia will use its foothold in Crimea to foster separatism in Eastern Ukraine, where my wife’s family resides. Not good, I wish Reagan was at the helm.

Ukraine is not quite as split as some pundits claim. Even in much of the East, Ukraine is mostly Ukrainians or about evenly split.


Ukraine language demographic split.

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