In Confiscating #Guns, #Ukraine Confirms Putin was Right #2A

Ukraine Sets Deadline for Militias to Surrender Illegal Guns –

In 2008, Putin told George Bush “Ukraine is not a real country” – maybe he was right, after all.

Pushed by the EU, Yatsenyuk is giving militia groups until Friday to surrender illegal arms and comply with Ukraine’s restrictive gun laws.  The groups had confiscated arms from the Interior Ministry during the Revolution.

Yatsenyuk says if people want assault weapons, they should join the national guard or army.  Yup, the national guard that was formed two weeks ago.

Ukraine’s insane policy of discouraging the formation of “a people trained to arms” has real consequences.  For example, US Senator Chris Murphy recently opposed sending small arms to Ukraine because he thought they would be wasted due to the general lack of training.

The new government is perilously misguided in thinking widespread ownership of arms would create instability and justify Russian intervention.  Exactly the opposite is true:

Was Putin right?  Real countries have borders.  Ukraine is a real country to the extent it is willing and able to defend them.

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