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Interesting post by a friend, H. Paul Payne, who passed through a bit of history at the Bundy Ranch protest in Nevada.  Apparently some of the protesters took an interest in Paul’s NRA stickers–Paul is actually a high political official within NRA covering much of the West including California:

Until Saturday, April 12th, I had not been following the excitement of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM, aka “Feds”) and the Mormon family of cattle ranchers known as the Bundys.

That changed on Saturday afternoon, due to no overt actions on my part. Rather, I was simply a victim in the apparent machinations of the Obama-nation that we consider “our” federal government – against a rancher who appears to be in the way of the desires (as well as the apparently obvious business interests) of the Feds.

As I was traveling southbound on Interstate 15, shortly after passing Mesquite, NV., I was caught in a large traffic jam. All vehicles were stopped in both direction of the divided Interstate highway. Below the overpass that I was caught on, was two very different groups of people. On my right-hand side, were the Feds. They were extremely well armed and equipped with everything they might need to prosecute an effective land war (although it seemed to be somewhat disguised as a “law enforcement” action). On the left-hand side (from my physical point of view) were at least several hundred American citizens. Some of them were armed and many of them were carrying flags. I observed the red, white, and blue of the American flag, as well as the Gadsden and the U.S.M.C. banners being proudly displayed.

Contrary to the reports that I have read in the media since that time, the road closure was NOT cause by the Americans who rose up in support of the Bundys, but the Feds had closed the highway and were in complete control of travel in both directions.

What I witnessed during the time that I was held captive by the Feds on I-15 was that the Americans were very well mannered and well behaved. But they were resolute in their support of the Bundys. The Feds, on the other hand, were more interested in trying to assess the identity of the law-abiding public citizen who would dare ask them a question and wish to continue upon our trip down the public property known as the Interstate highway. I also found it strange that while stuck in that location, my mobile phones (both of them) had very unusual interruptions of service. As soon as I disabled my Bluetooth and WiFi, the service stabilized somewhat, but not to the level that it should have been. Had I, for example, wanted to upload a large file (such as a video) it would have been more difficult because of the fluctuating level of service and signal strength.

While waiting on the overpass, on three separate occasions, I was approached by self-proclaimed “militia” members. Each said that he noticed my USMC and NRA stickers on my (my wife’s) pickup truck. During these conversations I was educated on their side of the story. Certain items of interest were also pointed out to me. Something that I really was uncomfortable with was when I was shown the snipers on top of the nearby hillside. I do not appreciate having anyone watching me through the scope mounted on their rifle. Period. That bothered me even more than the helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft that were obviously taking pictures of everyone, including me and my vehicle.

Although many of the Americans were clearly armed, the Feds had the obvious firepower advantage. Not to mention that media present certainly gave the PR nod to the Feds side of things. It was quite unsettling to see SWAT teams in their heavily militarized glory, along with what appeared to be an MRAP vehicle as well as some other truck that looked like an armored truck on steroids. Of course, I have no way of knowing if the Feds were using UAVs (aka drones) to observe, coordinate, and capture conversations of the Americans, both detained on the highway and those who were there voluntarily.

Many of the Americans were happy to report that the Clark County (Nevada) Sheriff had announced that the Feds were “withdrawing” and “ceasing operations against the Bundys.” I didn’t mention to them that I would find that very hard to believe.

Trying not to be too paranoid; Having served in the U.S. Marine Corps for six years, being involved in politics for twenty-five years, and being a student of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, I just don’t see the advantage to any government agency (controlled by President Obama) to simply withdraw and quit. It’s not their style. To me, it seemed like they simply gathered the information that they needed to evaluate the level of public resistance and used this so-called “stand-off” as practice and/or a training operation. But what do I know!?!?!?!?!

My thoughts are that IF the Feds really did close off 600,000 acres of public land and give access to the radical environmentalists (with the assistance of a deal made with the red Chinese government) then the Bundys time on their land could be short-lived. I don’t know about the validity of these claims that I was told about, and have subsequently read about, but if true, they are a big deal and the Feds don’t like to lose.

All I can say is that I wouldn’t be surprised if the Feds decide to change their mind and go after the Bundys again. Maybe in the same manner, or maybe in a different way. But I doubt this story is over!

I’m afraid that the claims of victory, by the American citizens in support of the Bundys, could be premature.

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