Park County teen takes action against invading bear

FOX31 Denver

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BAILEY, Colo. — They say up on Crow Hill, Rose Hill has a new nickname, following her encounter with a black bear which had broken into the family garage.

“I just heard all this commotion and came running with a pair of shotguns I use for competitive shooting,” said Rose Hill. “I was face-to-face with the bear when my dogs chased it out of the garage through a hole the bear made going after dog food.”

Rose Hill says she had split seconds to decide what to do, she fired once and the bear reared up, then she fired twice more sending the bear running.

I had three shells loaded in each shotgun, after hitting the bear three times, she kneeled, took aim and hit it three more times. The bear tumbled over the side of the mountain and died.

Park County law enforcement says she did…

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