Downed Jetliner: Dutch Blame the Gun, Not the Criminal #2A #Ukraine

Dutch report blames “high energy objects” for the Malaysian Air jet downed over Ukraine, despite ample evidence who is responsible.  Europe needs to stop passing the “Buk” and face this evil head on.  You cannot compromise with terror, nor with any criminal.  It won’t stop until the terrorist gets what he wants, and that may keep changing.

The general European attitude (and this includes Ukraine unfortunately, although there are signs it is shedding the attitude) is to blame objects rather than embrace the responsibility of armed self-defense.  Ukraine must quickly embrace widespread militia ethic because so far not a single NATO country inspires confidence in any other.  The only fighting spirit seems to be in Ukraine and NATO countries are afraid to even send arms (signs that may be changing, too).  NATO may shape up in time to help but that is not at all a sure bet.

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