US Refuses to Arm the Largest Country in Europe as it Fights for Freedom #2A #tcot #Ukraine

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko recently pled for more arms before an historic joint session of Congress.

Apart from Boehner’s embarrassing thumb-twiddling distraction there was enthusiastic applause, even multiple standing O’s!  Yet he got only $53 million in aid, no lethal arms.

I did not notice anything about the speech on Drudge.

Half-measures from the left really give Putin a green light to trample Eastern Europe.  Crickets on the right probably reflect some hope of politically capitalizing off the disaster Obama’s creating.

History will not look kindly on either party, nor will it look kindly on the average American who cannot even point on the map to the largest country in Europe, whose population is quite sufficient, quite ready, and quite willing to defend freedom if it just had the proper arms, arms we could easily supply without any danger of having to supply ground troops of our own.

If freedom fails in Ukraine, our cost will be much higher than under the easy terms we just rejected.

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