Law Changed to Allow Russians to Carry #Guns for #SelfDefense #2A #CCW #tcot

В России разрешили носить оружие для самообороны при наличии лицензии.

A few days ago Russia clarified it’s law on carrying weapons for self-defense.  It’s high time Ukraine did the same.  Russians are coming.

Per google translate:

In Russia, allowed to carry weapons for self-defense under license

The Russian government approved amendments to the “Rules of the turnover of civilian and service weapons and ammunition in the territory of the Russian Federation.” Now Russians can carry a weapon for self-defense if the license for it follows from the decision of 8 November, published on a portal of legal information on Monday 17 November.

Previously, the Russians were allowed to carry a weapon with a license only for hunting, sporting events relevant, as well as training and education of fire. The new version of the rules to the items added self-defense. The press service of the Cabinet of Ministers told Tass news agency, adding that it is a clarifying nature.”

According to the law” On Weapons , the basis for the carrying of weapons, regardless of the purpose of its use, is issued in the prescribed manner to permit storage and carrying of particular species, type and model of weapons“, – emphasized in the press service of the Cabinet.

To civil defense weapons include Fire smooth-bore long-barreled weapons, firearms limited lesions (pistol, revolver, firearm
tubeless Russian-made weapons) with traumatic, gas, and sound and light ammunition. Also in this concept includes gas pistols and revolvers, Russian stun and spark gaps and devices, spreading tear gas and irritants.

The press service of the Cabinet of Ministers are also reminded of the restrictions on the wearing of civilian weapons. For example, it can not bring to rallies, marches, and similar events, to the territory of educational institutions and entertainment organizations who work at night and sell alcohol. You also can not carry firearms while intoxicated. In addition, self-defense can not be used for long-barreled firearms and edged weapons.


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