Draft bill to relax rules for gun ownership in #Ukraine #2A #tcot

Draft bill in parliament suggests relaxing rules for gun ownership in Ukraine (INFOGRAPHIC):

The following categories of civil weapons and ammunition are allowed for circulation and ownership by individuals, business entities and shooting sports organizations in Ukraine:

1. The first category is air guns of caliber 4.5 mm with a muzzle velocity of 100 meters per second, and weapons fit for using flobert ammunition of caliber up to 4.5 mm.

2. The second category long-barrel smooth bore firearms, gas guns, air guns of caliber over 4.5 mm and with muzzle velocity over 100 meter per second, guns fit for using flobert ammunition over 4.5 mm and ammunition for it;

3. The third category is long-barrel rifles, hybrid firearms and ammunition for it.

4. The fourth category is handgun and ammunition for it, short-smoothbore firearms designed for shooting ammunition powered by elastic elements with lesser lethal effect, and ammunition for it.

The weapons of the first category, as well as other inert and deactivated weapons, are allowed for free civil circulation.

The weapons of the second, third and fourth category may be allowed for limited civil circulation, determined by this bill. Citizens of Ukraine may acquire ownership rights to the civil weapons of the second, third and fourth category, as well as ammunition and components of ammunition if they posses a license to own the weapons, which can be obtained separately for each category of civilian weapons, except the first category.

Non-primary parts of civil weapons and additional equipment are allowed for free circulation.

License holders for each category of the weapons are allowed to buy these weapons and ammunition in unlimited quantities.

All limitations regarding stores selling civilian weapons and their use of additional equipment shall be determined exclusively by laws regulating business activities related to civilian weapons or by the rules of sports competitions.

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