ANOTHER Toddler Grabs Gun from Purse, Wounds BOTH Parents #2A #CCW #tcot

Toddler wounds both parents with 1 shot from handgun – New York News.

Unusual cases like this make good headlines of course, and thankfully gun accidents involving kids are rare–less than a hundred per year in all the US–but it was only a month ago that another mom was killed when her kid grabbed a gun from her PURSE.

Slightly older kids can be trained to avoid guns and quite a few pre-teens trained to shoot have even used guns to save family members, but the only way to keep small toddlers safe is to train parents to keep guns away from them.

There are a lot of problems with purse carry, including both speed of presentment and weapon retention.  The relative advantages and disadvantages of various methods of carry are discussed thoroughly in the concealed carry class I offer at – sign up now, it’s free.

Two toddler shootings in the span of a month??  It’s time to abandon purse carry.  There are better methods for women to conceal a handgun for ready use, and of course open carry should also be an option.

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