Is Ukraine Fascist? #2A #tcot #Ukraine #RightSector v. #Dugin’s #NaziRussia

Is Ukraine Fascist? | Alexander Motyl.

This article is a good snapshot of Ukraine politics.

Svoboda is not fascist and the ethnic favoritism it advocates is similar to policy in Estonia, Latvia and Israel–not the most liberally democratic, but certainly not fascist.

Right Sector is even further from fascism.  (I’ve heard it described elsewhere as simply national conservatism, but they also appear to be very reasonable in working with EU as a temporary necessity.)  After all, no fascist in his “right” mind would support the right to bear arms, and Right Sector does support the right to bear arms along the Swiss model.  (I would suggest they consider the American model since they lack Swiss mountains.)

Here is what the article says of Right Sector:

The Right Sector, meanwhile, only emerged during the Maidan Revolution. Its members have indeed been among the foremost anti-Russian and anti-Yanukovych militants who then manned the barricades. Since then, they have actively participated in volunteer battalions in the fighting in eastern Ukraine. There are probably no more than a few hundred or a few thousand members, and their support within the population at large is under one percent. Interestingly, Yarosh, their leader, has criticized Svoboda for being anti-Semitic, while one of Right Sector’s leading activists is a practicing conservative Jew.

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