Crooked Oak students learn life skills at the gun range

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OKLAHOMA CITY– Crooked Oak students have been learning life skills at the gun range.

They put those skills to the test against dozens of students from across the state in the first ever Sooner State Games Junior ROTC rifle competition Sunday.

Retired Air Force Colonel and Crooked Oak marksmanship coach Tom Huizenga said his junior ROTC team has their eye on a target.

“Our marksmanship program really teaches personal responsibility, and a good dose of safety,” Huizenga said.

The high-powered air rifles donated by the NRA,  shoot pellets at 700 feet per second.

Huizenga says getting the kids in the program is well worth the risk.

“Some of our kids come from pretty tough neighborhoods and some interesting backgrounds, but the great thing about marksmanship is it’s a great leveler. Everybody is the same once you get behind the rifle; you either aim true or you don’t,” Huizenga said.

A lesson that’s keeping team member Tiara…

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