Shocking Statements/Concessions by ATF at the NRA Firearms Law Seminar

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Today, at the NRA Firearms Law Seminar in Nashville, Tennessee, NFA Branch Attorney William (Bill) Ryan spoke about Gun Trusts. Before we get into some of his somewhat shocking statements/concessions that are clearly contrary to ATF’s prior positions, it was interesting that he started out by saying that, in his opinion, the largest cause of the backlog at the NFA Branch is the submission of non-attorney drafted trusts and fill in trusts, which result in a high number of error letters due to their invalidity. He actually stated that he HIGHLY advised that attorneys handle the drafting of the trusts because of the plethora of issues the NFA Branch has to contend with in relation to the non-attorney drafted trusts. For some statistical background, he stated that in 2003, there were 45 trust applications. In 2012, there were 36,000 trust applications. He also reaffirmed that trusts can own any type…

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