Disappointed with Live Video Call on #ArticleV #COS #tcot #2A #RepealThe17th

Just attended a live video call at http://conventionofstates.com

I’m very disappointed that repealing the 17th Amendment does not seem to be a priority with the leaders, even though it is clearly a priority with those volunteers attending the call, based on the number of comments urging repeal of the 17th Amendment (and the +1 votes those comments received).

There seems to be too many goals.  Yes, it helps to have controlling the Supreme Court as an objective, both politically and as a real and necessary goal.  But i do not understand why Michael Farris thinks repealing the 17th is not directly relevant to achieving that objective.

Repealing the 17th should be the major focus of such a convention, and if they have other ideas to check SCOTUS then fine they can add those for discussion.

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